Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modernisation Theory

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Introduction Modernisation theory was introduce with the aim of economic growth and social change by the western regions. In this essay, the writer will progress on the limitations of modernisation theory. Modernisation theory summary Modernisation theory is a theory used to explicate the process of modernization that a nation energies through as it changes from a traditional society to a modern one. The theory has not been credited to any one person; instead, its expansion has been allied to American social scientists in the 1950s.according Rustow, (1966) modernisation theory has been represented by the western countries as they were able to progress from the primary stages of underdevelopment. And the underdeveloped countries tend to follow…show more content…
Any theoretical framework which fails to slot in such major variables as the impact of war, conquest, colonial domination, international political and military relationships, or of international trade and the cross-national flow of capital cannot hope to explain either the origins of these societies or the nature of their struggles for political and economic autonomy-struggles, it should be added, which all societies face, though perhaps in varying degrees and contexts at different historical moments. Other difficulties are raised by the notion of ‘traditional society '. As Huntington (1971: 293-4) has recently noted, 'modernity and tradition are essentially deferent concepts. This means that the modern ideal is set forth, and then everything which is not modern is labelled traditional’. Thus, the notion of tradition was formulated not upon the basis of observation but rather as an imaginary opposite to modernity. This fact is shown in a number of the pragmatic limitations of the concept. From the view of the tradition-modernity contrast, history begins with the change from traditional to modern society. Since this transition is generally believed to have begun in non-Western areas as a result of contact with European societies, this amounts to an unspoken denial of the relevance of the pre-contact experience of these areas to their

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