Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mongol Empires

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Throughout the post-classical era, there was a rise of various types of empires. One of the prominent empires was the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire consisted of nomadic warriors, called the Mongols, that consisted of tribes “of mostly illiterate, nomadic horsemen that hailed from the steppes north of China, where nomadic tribes had lived for centuries.” However, their lack of language and education did not stop them from becoming one of history's largest empires. The Mongols became one of history’s largest empires because it was “twice the size of the Roman Empire and the territory conquered by Alexander the great.” Due to the vast size of their empire, the Mongols played an immense role in history, brutally and positively. However, the Mongols should be remembered for their various positive contributions to history, such as the fabrications of paper money and the expansion of art in China.…show more content…
This golden age was created when Kublai Khan was the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. During the Pax Mongolica, there were many positive contributions to history. One of these contributions was the fabrication of paper money. The fabrication of paper money had two main advantages over money being made from copper, silver, or gold. One of the advantages was that “it was easier to carry around” when trading, so it made trading very easier. For example, instead of carrying around bags of coins, and having different trading objects, people were able to trade with lighter weight and had a common basis of trade. Another advantage was that the use of paper money saved “copper and iron for use in everyday objects.” For example, the Mongols used “iron for the blades of luxury weapons, cast into bronze handles which were sometimes inlaid with silver or precious stones.” Since, the usage of paper money made life easier, paper money was still in use on
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