Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mother Tongue Teaching

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The change of language policies in Hong Kong which is to adopt mother tongue teaching as medium of instruction in all school after the handover in 1997 that is a fundamental shift in the educational landscape. The issue of the influence of the act of teaching in the native language has triggered rigorous debate among academic experts, teaching personnel and the general public. While some argue that mother tongue teaching has the benefits to enhance effectiveness of acquisition of knowledge and create positive effects on student’s leaning, others are less optimistic and are concerned about the worsening of English proficiency and possible obstacle of post-secondary studies and employment. This essay examines some of the advantages and disadvantages of the mother tongue teaching. One argument in favour of mother tongue education is that teaching and learning could be more effective. In general, most students grow in the condition of native language and they prefer learning in the mother tongue. In addition,…show more content…
Since the implementation of mother tongue teaching, students could be less exposed to English so as to acquire English as a secondary language less effectively. It has been observed that lacking of strong immersion programmes to learn a secondary language could be an obstacle for students in English proficiency [2]. This means that students may be limited to attach English only in English lessons, which leads to fewer opportunities of practice than those students who are studying in the English-medium instruction school. Lo and Macaro [2] point out that students have better performance in the public English language examinations, while they are in English-medium instruction schools. The Chinese-medium instruction may bring negative effects on English proficiency, which means that students may not learn English effectively under the mother tongue

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