Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mystery Shopping

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Mystery shopping is an external tool used by marketing experts, organisations themselves, watchdog organisations to evaluate the performance, quality, compliance, customer service, or to collect data regarding the products and services of the company. The technique of mystery shopping helps marketing organisations to enhance their business as well as product and service quality among other companies. The research paper aims to highlight the concept of mystery shopping in regards of McDonalds. It identifies the types of mystery shopping methods that organisation adopt to enhance their product and service quality. Moreover, a questionnaire is formulated and used in the research paper to be asked from the employees of the company so is to collect…show more content…
The team individuals give consumer loyalty through great client services. There are a few boundaries in communication procedures among the management and employees of the company (Stucker, 2004). Some of the disadvantages include,
• Data stream relies on upon great relations of workers. Workforce covers failures from managers on account of individual relationship then it turns into a hurdle in the data stream.
• Status turn into an obstacle in motivation.Some of the employees does not communicate with other due to their status.
• Mix messages turn into interference in communication when nonverbal communication does not coordinate with the verbal message (DiPietro, et al., 2012).
Planning for mystery shopping
For mystery shopping, planning was done with great care. For Mystery shopping, consideration ought to be taken for the specialised, moral and lawful issues that can emerge. National and international Legislations were given due consideration and steps were taken to adhere to the legislative requirements (Rao & Chandra, 2013). With the end goal of this mystery shopping, the respondents, managers, overall population, employees and customers were managed suitably. Extreme care was taken to guarantee the legal
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McDonald’s was instructed to give clear guidelines to their employees about the evaluation techniques. Satisfactory measures were taken to guarantee the protection of personal information of the employee in light of the fact that it cannot be disclosed to the organisation of competitor (DiPietro, et al., 2012). Viable procedures were intended to keep the workers and staff of the organisation of competitor from any hindering impact that the employees and employees may encounter because of secret shopping. The situation was outlined keeping in mind the specific areas of appraisal that is the communication, customer service and behaviour of staff while dealing with the
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