Advantages And Disadvantages Of NAREGA

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NAREGA has demonstrated itself as a compelling instrument in the improvement of the influenced range in infrastructural terms as well as in financial and social terms. The surety of work amid non-farming season has guaranteed individuals with a safe wage for satisfying their fundamental needs. The fundamental point of NAREGA is destitution easing and enabling all segments of society including ladies. The following are examined after highlights of NAREGA projects running in conditions of Nagaland and Mizoram : • Stream of Store • Flow of store from state government to the town is fast and effective. VDB secretary gets store from the BDOs through check which is en- traded in for money an open area bank through the investment account opened extraordinarily for this reason. However stream of trust from the focal government is not smooth in specific locale because of non accommodation of MPR in time or MPR not arranged in understanding to the rules by the MORD. • Total trust got under NREGA for the state in the year 2013-14 till February 2014 was 13161.278 lakhs out of which 10834.648 lakhs have been as of now used. • Advantages of NREGA saw by the respondents: • Has made sturdy resources in the town. • Assets made under the NAREGA plan are :  Drought sealing  Flood control and security  Land advancement  Micro watering system lives up to expectations  Renovation of conventional water bodies  Rural drinking water offices  Increased rustic network  Water
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