Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nanotechnology

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1 Abstract:
In this article after a brief introduction of Nano science and Nano technology, we will discuss the role of Nano technology in everyday life. When we consider the frontier of very small scales, Quantum Physics comes to our mind first. In Nanotechnology, we deal with objects of size of less than 100 nanometer, so Quantum Physics provides the basis for Nanotechnology. No one can ignore the importance of Quantum Physics when dealing with Nano scales. Therefore, here we also discuss wavelike nature of electrons and Standing wave electron energy levels. In this article, we also discuss about the Focused ion beam mechanics, its advantages and disadvantages.
1.1 Introduction:
Nanoscience is the science of the systems whose atleast one dimension lies within nanometer scale. These Nanoscale system have their special properties due to their tiny size. There is magical difference between macroscopic word and nanoscale world. In 1959, Richard Feynman gave a talk about the basis of nanotechnology under the title “There is plenty of room at the bottom”. Quantum mechanics is very important for the atomic scale systems. [1] Nanotechnology can be defined as, “The design, characterization, production and application of materials, devices and systems by controlling shape and size of the nanoscale”.[2] Nanotechnology is simply “engineering with atomic precision”.[3]
1.2 Magic of Nanotechnology in Everyday Life:
Today, Nanotechnology plays its magical role in everyday life. People

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