Advantages And Disadvantages Of New Imperialism

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Imperialism is the economic and political domination of a strong nation over a weaker nation. New imperialism was motivated by the second Industrial Revolution and by the competition in Europe, as many nations wanted to be viewed as powerful. New imperialism focused on trade in Africa and Asia.
Europe had economic interest and needed raw materials for factories. This lead to the Europeans to force colonies to send all their raw materials back to them. They also closed down all the competing factories in the colonies forcing them to obtain goods from Europe. It also meant cheaper labor and free raw materials for manufacturing. There was also a political, as colonies showed power of a nation. Britain did not want France to have more colonies than them. The more colonies a nation had, the stronger the nation. A missionary impulse motive that Europe believed they would go spreading their Christian teachings. Social Darwinism was another reason for imperialism. Fit nations ruled over the less fit nations and continents like Asia and Africa were considered inferior. Europeans claimed that they were teaching Africans and Asians civilization by
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Other disadvantage include the many displaced people, it promoted racism and mother countries to believe that they are superior. It also brought slavery up to not so long ago. The New imperialism benefited the Industrial Revolution at the cost of the colonies. It also heled with modern technologies, for instance the steam-powered ships to aid in the expansion of European empires that are a great now for exports, imports and transportation. Another disadvantage is the fact that colonies’ culture and beliefs were wiped out creating intolerance among people. In general, the impact has been a negative one, as it has brought power struggles, wars, and
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