Advantages And Disadvantages Of New York

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Geo Project New York was explored by the Dutch in 1609, and was originally called New Amsterdam. It’s site contained many advantages to the inhabitants. ‘The sheltered, natural harbour formed by the Hudson and East Rivers provided a safe, deep anchorage. There was an extensive waterfront for the development of docks.’ So as you can see from this quote, there were no problems related to water supply and drainage as there were two massive water bodies in New York. Furthermore, the people living in New York at that time would have had plenty of fishing chances and so they would not starve and sleep hungry. There would also be a lot of trade as there was an extensive waterfront for the development of docks and so they could import and export in…show more content…
This is a really big advantage for the inhabitants because if a natural disaster occurs or a huge fire breaks out, they can travel to the next town quite easily. Also another advantage of being a route centre is that if you want to visit someone in the next town it is very easy and you can just go by road while in other cities you may have to take a train. ‘The navigable Hudson river provides communication with a large inland area.’ This is also a really big advantage because now the river does not just take you to coastal areas but also inland areas so you can also use a boat to travel as it reaches out also to the inland areas and you can enjoy the view while you…show more content…
I think to tackle this problem, the American government should build more public schools in New York so even they can learn and become professionals in what they want to be. This way, there will be no reason for a company owner to employ someone from abroad and pay him more while there is an equally skilled local that can get paid less. High cost of land- The high cost of land in Manhattan- which led to the development of skyscrapers forced many smaller businesses to move to the outskirts where very few lived so they could not survive and closed the businesses. I think to tackle this problem, the American government should reduce taxes or give the shopkeepers incentives like grants and redevelopment of area to attract them to set up their business there. It may damage their economy in the short term, giving the shopkeepers the incentives, but in the long term the country’s GDP will rise as everyone will be

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