Advantages And Disadvantages Of Racing Cars

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“If you ain’t first, you’re last,” is a quote by Ricky Bobby in the movie Talladega Nights (a racing movie). The quote is portraying that in racing winning is everything, and no one wants to lose. To win in racing you need to have a very fast and reliable car that can run consistently. Although a naturally aspirated motor can be fast, most people want a little extra horsepower. Since 1961 racers have been using nitrous oxide to help them make more horsepower and go faster. Nitrous creates your motor to have more oxygen in the cylinder while it is engaged. For your vehicle to run correctly your motor needs the correct air to fuel ratio. When the nitrous creates more air, then you can add more fuel to your engine and make more horsepower. The…show more content…
Turbos have their advantages over nitrous in some situations, but they also have disadvantages to nitrous such as cost and installation. To start off with a small nitrous kit it costs about three-hundred to seven-hundred dollars, for a name brand nitrous company such as ‘Nitrous Express’ or ‘NOS’. A larger kit that will make max horsepower can cost one to four-thousand dollars. In the kit there are lines, a nitrous bottle, fittings, and everything else needed to start using nitrous. Although the initial cost is cheaper, you do have to refill your nitrous bottle, and it is around sixty-dollars to refill. It may not seem like a large amount of money, but it adds up after a while. The faster you want to go, you will have to add more nitrous, which also means you will have to refill more often. Small turbo kits usually cost near two-thousand dollars for a name brand company such as ‘Precision Turbo’ or ‘Garrett’. Turbo kits come with the turbo itself, and the piping and tubing needed to install it. Although you have a turbo kit, you need to add more fuel to your motor through your injectors. This can be very expensive, and there are many other areas that need to be upgraded so it can run correct. If you run high amounts of boost with your turbo on a stock engine, it is likely you will hurt your
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