Advantages And Disadvantages Of Note Taking

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Everything was like a sweet red velvet feeling before my test paper was handed to me. Our room was a so noisy and everybody was so busy in their respective seats while waiting for the results of the previous exam. After several minutes my teacher called my name and handed my test paper to me. I excitedly opened it and saw the big “F” at the top. Check marks were scary and X marks manipulated my test paper. My classmates started laughing because I unintentionally shouted my “F” score loud enough for everyone to hear. It was humiliating. God knows I studied a lot but where did I go wrong? In Carnegie Institute of Technology, class of seniors claim that the freshmen students should be taught how to take notes. Difficulty is studying, reported by students, include note taking as a problem. Note taking is one technique successful to be a very heavy burden during exams. Students consider studying to be very heavy burden during exams. Due to insufficient time or just mere laziness, most students most likely rely in typing the key points or lessons in their tablets or lop tops rather than taking notes personally. Some, however, prefer and claim that note taking is better than using gadgets in studying and retaining information because notes are easy to remember, allows a greater graphic freedom and light. Notes are easy to remember. Notes contain the desired information one has extracted from listening to a particular topic. Note taking features out what goes on the mind of a
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