Nuclear Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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Nuclear technology is a use of nuclear power. Nuclear power comes from the nuclear reaction of the atom. Nuclear fission, nuclear fusion and nuclear decay are the stages of the nuclear reaction. There is a debate about nuclear technology that it is harmful or useful for mankind. Some people says it is safe but other says it possess much threat for mankind. Nuclear technology brought revolutionary changes in the fields of energy production, medicine, food, agriculture and many other fields. A nuclear weapon is another discovery of nuclear technology but is very dangerous for mankind. Nuclear energy also produces radiation which is very harmful to human. Hiroshima and Nagasaki are the realistic examples of radiation of nuclear energy. Everything…show more content…
In this sense, we should use nuclear technology positively for the benefit of mankind. Nuclear energy should use with great precautions for safety (Bauer, 1997). Advantages and disadvantages regarding the use of atomic power for peaceful purposes are given below: Nuclear power produces energy without dumping any carbon-di-oxide which is responsible for greenhouse effect where fossils produce carbon-di-oxide. The burning of fossils pollutes the environment. Nuclear reactions create huge energy which can be compared with Hydro or Wind energy. A single power plant could produce a sustainable amount of energy. Nuclear energy is very powerful and more efficient than another energy source. Modern technology made this sector more…show more content…
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