Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nudging

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Executive Summary Nudging is concept which can be applied in any field of life. It can be applied from psychology to science, politics to economics with the core idea of influencing or forcing decisions upon individual or group of people. Selecting a nudge is a quite critical process as it changes the course of events when being applied. It is sometimes boon when it add values to the society by helping them or eliminating unwanted processes. In the field of ecommerce digital nudging is widely used and is part of competition between them. The better the nudge, the better the influence on the customers, thereby creating bigger market for themselves. Many companies have increased their customer base, based only on small idea (…show more content…
Disadvantages Nudges may be condescending in nature in many ways. Marketing relies on a one-dimensional mental model of consumer behavior. As it uses mental models which treats consumers’ motivations and abilities as inferior in nature as it suggests that the customer is not able to make decIsions on its own. Digital nudging is mostly focused on promoting specific behaviors. Outcomes that really matter, such as greater financial well-being of the consumer, cannot be achieved by single actions and in this respect check on the nudges. Monitoring and aggregating user behaviour over lengthy period of time is one of the way to understand user and generating nudge. Despite numerous examples of successful nudges, it is difficult to get it right and hence there are lot reasearch still going over it. If they are too weak, they won’t produce any measurable influence on consumers. 6.

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