Advantages And Disadvantages Of Omnichannel Retailing

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It’s a gloomy rainy afternoon in Bengaluru, but Aditya needs to buy a gift for his sister today for her birthday. Five years ago, he would have went straight to a gift shop or shopping mall around the corner of his house. Today shopping starts from his couch at the comforts of his home by surfing through different online marketplaces, sifting through plethora of products picking his choices by reading the reviews on different products, comparing the prices across online portals and sharing the products with his close friends for suggestions. He also checks out the nearest store for availability and places the order. In no time the gift is at his doorstep, without having to step out into the rain. This short instance shows how Omnichannel retailing is revolutionising the retail industry. New breed of customers The buying pattern of consumers has undergone a revolutionary change with the burgeoning of digital channels, customers are choosing more complex paths including digital and brick and mortar shopping experience, putting retailers operating in silos at a competitive disadvantage. The new breed of consumers, equipped with smartphones, connecting to online stores 24x7, are shopping at their convenience, comparing prices where different online portals are competing to deliver products at lowest cost anytime and anywhere. The shopper today wants synergy in terms of pricing, availability, payment channels and promotions. This can be achieved through omnichannel retailing
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