Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Communication

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Online communication, which means communicating with others via network, has been widely used by people, especially by teenagers, due to the popularization of Internet. In the U.S, which has the highest Internet coverage rate, there are about 95% of teenagers surfing online every day (Huang, 2013). The advancement of online technology indeed make communication more convenient. Online communication allows people save the conversation document and get in touch with others regardless the limitation of time and location. It also encourages reticent people to communicate freely in cyberspace. However, with the popularization of online communication, more and more disadvantages of online communication appear. Firstly, online communication is lack of non-verbal expressions. Moreover, people use online communication frequently have more possibility to get Internet addiction. Last but not least, online friendship is considered having connection with risk behaviors. Therefore, the disadvantages of online communication outweigh its advantages. Indeed, the development of online communication has a lot of advantages. First of all, people can have wider friendship choices by online communication. For example,…show more content…
Online communication is usually inefficient on expression since it is lack of paralinguistic communication expression, including gesture, facial expression and body language. A study of online and offline education was found during online researching. The study focused on 9 different aspects that could reveal the quality of education. As Table 1 indicates, in face-to-face situation, the 9 aspects have significantly higher scores than the scores in online situation, which means the students who received online education generally give more negative responses than the students who received offline education. That could be the result of the absence of non-verbal expression and other paralinguistic communication (Price, 2007).
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