Misrepresentation In Online Dating

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Misrepresentation. Absolutely essential to finding a compatible partner online is the creation of an online profile. The most easily observable online contents are photos, friend count, and wall activity (Jiang et al., 2010 ) To have attractive content leads the observer to believe this individual is socially attractive, which increases the amount of online encounters with the same individual eventually forming a relationship with them. Information shared is up to the user, but can include even the most personal details such as family and income information. No one is safe from falsified online information which challenges the amount of faith one can place in online relationships. It may be difficult to tell whether or not a person is accurately representing themselves in their online profile. Dating sites being unable to account for this type of misrepresentation place the responsibility on online users to consider how authenticate interactions are before transitioning to face-to-face encounters
What to expect during the first face-to-face encounter is sated with the information derived from the online interactions . A common problem to explore is a fairly new phenomenon called catfishing. Catfishing is when online social network users continuously exchange information about themselves exclusively through
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Before the age of the internet, people relied on face-to-face encounters to establish a relationship. Online dating challenges traditional dating. Online dating has become increasingly popular because of the convenience in finding potential partners they may not have met in their daily lives. Online dating allows for an individual to talk to someone as close as their neighbor or as far away as another country. This technological drawbridge provides the opportunity for people from all over the world to communicate. Traditional dating takes months to establish a connection with someone while an online message expedites the dating process more
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