Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping

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Disadvantages of Online Shopping:
If there are some advantages of Online Shopping, on the other hand there are several disadvantages too of Online Shopping that people are facing.
1. Product Delay:
The major disadvantage of online shopping is that you do not get ypur product immediately. You have to wait for the product delivery. Some products you want immediately rather than to wait for many days.
2. Scam Issue:
As the trend of online shopping is dramatically increasing so he number of online fraud and fraud is also increasing. This is one of the reasons that people buy from the reliable and trusted websites because they have the money back guarantee and they are responsible for any fraud to maintain their brand position in the market.
3. Warranty
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There are several items which do not need to touch like cars, electronic items but at the same time there are several items which need to be touch to know its quality level like clothing, carpets, furniture and all apparel products.
12. Reducing Social Gatherings:
Online shopping also reducing your social gatherings with our friends and family. Because when you go out for shopping there are many things that you can enjoy with your friends like eating food together, having gossips while doing shopping etc. Therefore, because of online shopping there are no hangouts with friends,
13. Dealing with Unfamiliar Salesperson:
When you are shopping online, you have a fear that the person whom you are dealing will available if there is any issue in the delivery or in order. You may also sometimes hesitate to give your personal information to the seller while purchasing the item either he/she is reliable or not.
14. Lack of Options:
There are several items that you asked with the seller to display this in different colours and varieties and you can check it that either it fits or suits on you but in online shopping you cannot do the same until the product is deliver at your
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