What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Shopping Essay

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As a growing interest by consumers has taken place in retail e-commerce, areas like online grocery markets have been a reason for more people to stay indoors and instead order the items they need online. Online shopping for groceries in the UK must be noted that have a virtual monopoly as four of the six big supermarket chains provide e-shop services for their customers. Grocery e-shopping is now a new alternative with its own advantages and disadvantages for consumers, which they find practically convenient.
One of the biggest advantages of consumers ordering online is that they can browse the virtual grocery store from their own house without leaving it, and many sites also have online assistants to assist using automated answers or live
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This would be a very big advantage for disabled people as transportation of them to supermarkets is difficult giving them the ability to order their items online but usually they are the least likely to use this service. Online grocery shopping is mostly used from middle class families of which have a standard income and a stable lifestyle as they can afford to plan an average good shop and can plan when they will be home to accept the delivery. Downside of this is that consumers would have no social interactions store staff or other people nor be able to have accidental meetups with relatives or people the…show more content…
This type of service mostly makes a lot of extra unnecessary work for the customer complaints department. Therefore most of the online shops send the freshest products out for home deliveries. A good online grocery shop should give refund to customers unhappy with their delivery. Customers usually would feel unsatisfied as somebody else choosing their fruits or vegetables believe that they never seem the same as if they had personally picked out the best from the store

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