Online Survey Method

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Limitations of this approach: Since online survey method is being advocated for data collection, the educational and financial background of the sample population would tend to be a major factor which might create a sample population that is not the true representation of the actual population. The online survey method would automatically eliminate all respondents who are not educated or lack access to a computer as both are essential for the respondent to be part of online survey. Method 2: In-depth Quality Studies In-depth qualitative studies on the other hand, differ distinctly from the rapid assessment approach. In fact, it would be appropriate to state that the very term in-depth quality studies actually refer to a broader category that comprises of various traditional approaches like case studies, biography, grounded theory, phenomenology and ethnography. While on the surface, the data collection method may seem to be identical, the analysis of the collected data and its implementation would tend to differ considerably (Ellsberg & Heise, 2005). The advantage of this approach lies in the richness of data collected as well as its interpretation. The systematic review of all secondary data available for the purpose of the study would be done through the use of appropriate filters while processing the available data.…show more content…
The social issues that are entwined with the manner in which society responds to domestic violence in various parts of the world would tend to make the available data cumbersome. Since the filters set for the available data would vary depending on the country, the quality of data finally available may not be identical and would require further tabulation before it may be used in this project. An unsuitable approach – The qualitative
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