Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Video Streaming

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3 MOST POPULAR STREAMING PLATFORMS The power and gains of online streaming is overwhelming. According to users statistical reports, about 47.5 percent of internet users view a minimum of one video every monthly, while approximately, about 34.4 % of videos are being viewed by average users per month. As a business or private person seeking to attract attention to your brand, you’re required to be part of the growth in online video streaming in order to expose and publicise your brand or business to the prowling eyes of potential customers. WHY TAKE TO VIDEO STREAMING? There are vital reasons why every business and individual gamer seeking stardom should take to online video streaming. Some of the reasons include, but not limited to: 1. Growing…show more content…
Reliability- Using online streaming platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Amazon Live TV, etc, will enable you to stream content to a global audience without the backdrop fear of viewers’ limitation. THE BEST VIDEO STREAMING PLATFORMS YOU CAN GET Now that we have seen the reasons why going online is indispensible marketing mode, the question that might arise now is, “which online streaming platforms can I make use of?” Well, whether you’re a business man or gamer, there are several online video providers you can choose to perform this task with. But, in order to make a better decision, we have to look at the pros and cons on which one of the platforms offers the best provisions for you. Below are the 3 most popular streaming platforms available for business and gamers intended objectives. 1. Twitch Streaming…show more content…
Although Hitbox may not be able to compete in terms of sheer size users, it has been able to carve out for itself an enviable niche with clever streaming features, together with a total friendly atmosphere. It has an interface that in many ways is similar to the ones offered by its competitors. The only difference is that it has a green colour scheme. Its video quality is just as high like any of its competitors like Twitch, though with a different overall vibe. When using Hitbox, streamers will not get immediately banned or muted in the case of copywriter violations - relating to music and videos playing in the background. Hitbox streaming allows you to customize streams in lots of easy ways. For instance, you can decide to make your stream public, private, or for adults-only view. Also, with Hitbox, multiple users can control streams at once, which is good option for a team of

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