Onprofit Case Study: Scape

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OnProfit is important for any company and especially for companies such as Scape. Scape not only hopes to reach a large audience, but needs to, in order to reach their goal to re-generate living infrastructures and public landscapes. Scape is in need for a community. Communities who work together, so that projects and ideas become reality. When Scape shares their designs, they constantly show people coming together, reminding everyone of how important our environment is. They care about us as a community and as a result, we are profiting from Scape. We profit because they are providing more job opportunities that attracts a variety of disciplines such as civil engineering, architecture, design, and landscape architecture. Finally as a community,…show more content…
They spread the work they do by speaking out and entering competitions to help gain momentum for their future projects and research. As stated above, talking more about Scape will give them credibility and that is important when it comes to the competitions they enter. Entering these competitions helps Scape reach a larger audience and gain a higher status in their field. People who did not know about them before, will after these competitions. Scape has been awarded many grants since starting the company in 2007. One example of an award they have won is the Buckminster Fuller Award for their project Living Breakwaters where they were awarded $100,000. This competition is where people all over the world submit their ideas on innovative solutions for humanity’s problems. As mentioned earlier Kate Orff were also awarded the MacArthur prize because they felt that Scape has risen and provides prominence for design and for especially for landscape architecture. The MacArthur foundation awarded a no-strings-attached grant of $625,000 for Scape to spend over five years on their firm’s needs. When initiating a project Scapes goal is not driven by wanting to gain a large profit with money, but rather they are focusing on being recognized by large organizations and the public so their goals can be reached. For example, in an interview with PBS, Orff says, “What I am trying to do is science-driven, community-informed,…show more content…
They also mentioned how Kate Orff has developed a book titled “Towards an Urban Ecology” where she is trying to convey a positive and powerful message about the world. This book delivers the message on how, as a community, we can transmit, as a group a collective and environmental organization on being able to redesign sceneries. Which is what Scape has already been trying doing so, with their various designs they have

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