Advantages And Disadvantages Of Operational Reporting

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Operational Reporting

What is Operational Reporting?

Operations management is a branch of management that involve the procedures of producing and redesigning of goods and services. Operational reporting is a reporting procedure about the operational details that present the team’s current activity. It aims to support the daily activities of the organization.

Who do Operational Reporting?

Business teams do operational reporting, including the members of the team. Even business leaders can do operational reporting in case they need to provide information and updates to their lead superiors. In addition, the team secretary is usually designated to generate an operational report. There are also times in which the chief executive officer needs
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These inclusions will help the team prioritize various issues in the team, sort them to categories, and discuss ways to solve actual problems and prevent potential problems.

Disadvantages of Doing Operational Reporting

While operational reporting can be advantageous in a number of ways, there are also times in which it can be a disadvantage to the team.

First is the cost operational reporting brings to the team, especially start-up teams or businesses. These teams do not have adequately high funds yet and doing the operational report can add to their expenses.

Another issue in doing reports is the use of the power of the internet in sending the report. While using the internet enables the team members to send and receive information and updates in reports in just one click, poor and absent internet connectivity also hampers them from doing so.

Doing reports is viewed as tedious and time-consuming. Some members of the team, especially those who already have lots of tasks and responsibilities, view it as an additional task that will consume their time allocated in doing their regular tasks.

Best Practices for Doing Operational
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The team members and leaders can present such data using tools, such as tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams. These tools are far more efficient in showcasing numbers and figures, as opposed to narrative approach.

How Teamreporter helps at Doing Operational Reporting/ How to do Operational Reporting with Teamreporter

Teamreporter is a business reporting application used by teams to reduce the number of status meetings. It is possible through the schedule report mails that the application sends to the team members. Teams with up to four members can use the application for free and signing up for an account is just fast as one, two, and three.

Teamreporter’s interface is automated and easy to use, enabling team members and leaders to easily send and receive information and updates to and from other members of the team. Teamreporter will send them e-mail notifications, asking them to send information or updates, such as their problems, accomplishments, and plans. After receiving the member’s responses, Teamreporter will generate a data summary, which will be sent to the team the day
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