Advantages And Disadvantages Of Outsourcing In The Restaurants

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Sit-down restaurants’ ability to have short turnaround times from ordering to services raises the question “How are they able to serve everything on the menu so quickly?” Persons may have guessed that it was due to a highly competent and efficient workforce but the reality is that restaurants are now outsourcing semi completed meals in order to save time in the preparation of their meals. These pre-prepared meals can either mean that restaurant chefs have to add a few ingredients before serving or simply heat and serve. Although there are mixed views on this practise by restaurants, it is becoming more commonplace and it the near future this trend can be the new normal. Advertisements for the outsourcing companies advertise the concept of “Hours …show more content…

A customer’s first impression of a restaurant stems from the atmosphere and the service and these are critical items in getting a first time customer to become a regular. Ensuring that this newly available time is focused on ensuring that the processes relating to those two items are efficient can help to ensure business continuity. This also means; increased demand, increased productivity and overall improvement in the restaurant’s efficiency which would lead to increase revenues, and service quality. There are always a flip side to every new venture and outsourcing is not any different as there are disadvantages that are faced by restaurants. The key disadvantage is that it becomes difficult to ensure that the quality of the food provided meets the standards of the restaurants. From the quality of the ingredients used to whether or not it meets religious or dietary requirements, restaurants can only depend on their suppliers to be honest and provide foods that match their …show more content…

Business is all about making profit and although the savings that the restaurants experience may not be passed to the consumers, I don’t not think it is unethical, I will consider it smart business. Persons might argue that the restaurants are selling a product under their brand although it is not truly theirs but the restaurant experience is more than just the food. As long as restaurants maintain the quality of the food provided, ensure that the cost matches the quality, and continue to improve service, I can support this initiative. Restaurant outsourcing can increase capacity since they are providing food faster which means that the customer turnover is higher, that is, they are serving more customers that they did before as customers seating time is reduced. Restaurants also improve capacity since they can now offer a wider range of items as the time required to prepare these meals are largely reduced. Storage Space in the restaurant’s kitchen would also now be used for storage giving restaurants options for expanding seating area since there would be less need for

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