Advantages And Disadvantages Of PET Scans

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The world around you is full of waves. Waves can be anywhere, it can be in the air you breathe and the sound you hear, waves could be in ocean ripples and in the sunlight energy you get heat from. A wave is a disturbance that transfers energy from one place to another, some types of waves need a material to travel through which is called a medium. There are types of waves, one type of wave is a longitudinal wave, this type of wave has particles that move back and forth in the same direction of the wave. Sound waves are longitudinal wave; longitudinal waves need a medium to travel through. In the same time, transverse waves, another type of waves, doesn’t need a medium to travel through, and the particles in it move perpendicularly to the direction of the wave. Positron Emission Tomography or ‘PET’ is a type of scan that examines the shape, size and behavior of the organs in your body. Created by a physicist and scientist named Wilhelm Röntgen, he designed and produced Radiography in 1896, it used something called x-rays, which is an invisible radiation, which is also discovered by him. Then this type of…show more content…
PET scans have a variety of advantages and disadvantages, some of the advantages are, it can scan your body for the functions of the organs. Next is that it can detect any disease and the percentage of its spreading. Furthermore, this device has the ability to understand if you have non-cancerous and cancerous diseases. Finally, this machine can recognize the primal stages of diseases and tumors. PET scans also have disadvantages such as; in these scans have a material that may cause some problems for women that are pregnant. Shortly after it comes that you should pay much more than the other scans such as MRI scans and x-ray scans, which exceeds from $900-$1400. Last of all is that PET imaging requires a machine that produces the radioactive material which is expensive to

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