Advantages And Disadvantages Of PIP And Medpay

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Life saving coverages- PIP and MedPay
In this rising medical era, health scares have become the mandatory thing than an exception. Opting for the health insurance has become the essential thing now-a-days. In India, the health insurance sector is complex and it continues to grow day-by-day. Usually, health insurance policies will cover pre and post hospitalization charges and they may also cover day care and ambulance charges as well. Another important thing about the medical insurance is, most of the insurance companies will offer the health insutrance products, which covers much more benefits apart from the hospitalization related charges.
Let’s take a look at the benefits of the health insurarance.
Pros of health insurance
• Made online
During the old days, for buying the insurance policy, customers had the only option to buy from the insurance agents; but now, those days have gone. Today, people can opt for the insurance policy online; that is, people can buy the policies through the online specilized insurance brokers, who will compare the merits and demerits od all the products offered by all the insurance companies. Customers get benefits out of this and they can choose the best policy in the company, which suits them the best.
• Premium payment scenarios
Until now, in India, the premiums for the health insurance policies were very large. Later, some of the companies started to introduce the zone based premiums for the metros and towns. In Metro cities, the health

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