Advantages And Disadvantages Of PTO

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Looking over the disadvantages of PTO there are not many disadvantage for PTO, However, if an employee misuse the flexibility of being off whenever they need to be and not having to call in. PTO doesn 't guarantee results if workers don 't adhere to moral standards and use this new policy in a very honest manner. Workers should still provide instant notices to their leader for days off and will even need to arrange for the holiday days prior to. Within the current situation, the organization has previous data for the 7 vacation days. However, within the new policy, the flexibleness given to the workers to use the 12 paid off days as per individual desires and preference will even inspire the worker to not inform regarding the holiday plans prior to as a number of them might prefer to utilize the complete 12 days of vacation if bulk of the off days haven 't been utilised for alternative functions throughout the year. Hence, this strategy will have a negative impact on the organization. This could “lead to employee presenteeism sick employees may come to work to preserve their PTO days”(Korotin,2011,p.14).
PTO does not guarantee results if employees do not adhere to ethical standards and use this new policy in a fair
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Many employees are often time struggle from high blood pressure due stress from work when employee decide to take off work. It causes the employer to put more pressure on the employees who are left at work. It is a good thing for employees who is off because they are able to relax and not stress about the job. This could really affect the company because many employee would start calling in to the company due to them being sick from working so much work. So working to much and be bad on the employee as well as putting the workload of the other employees. Do the company have rules to show the number of employee who can be off at one
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