Advantages And Disadvantages Of Palm Oil

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With the rising threat of global warming, mostly due to the drastic increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a multitude of sources such as; fossil fuels, animal waste products, the burning of forest and other vegetation etc. Normally the increase in Co2 emissions wouldn’t be that big of a problem as it would later be absorbed by plants containing chlorophyll, which would later be broken down into its base elements (carbon and oxygen). (Pickering) The carbon would be stored within the plant while the oxygen would be released into the atmosphere, this provided a balance between the output (due to respiration) and removal (due to photosynthesis) of carbon dioxide.(Pickering)( But that balance has slowly began to tip in favor of CO2, primarily due to the vast amounts transportation as well as the estimated fact that nearly eighteen million acres of forest land is lost each year greatly diminishing the amount of photosynthesis that is carried out throughout the year.(Bradford)With the rapid loss of these vast forests, extensive research has been put into finding alternative ways to power the world's technology without contributing to new CO2 emissions into…show more content…
The main problem with palm oil is that only way that it can be massed produced comes at the expense of the biodiversity and ecosystems of the various countries that manufacture the oil.(A) As of 2010 Indonesia one of the leading manufactures of palm oil have reduced a third of their mammal species to the critically endangered list, this is one of many examples of the consequences of the unsustainability of developing palm oil.(F) One animal of meticulous significance is the orangutan. Over ninety percent of the orangutan’s habitat have been deforested in the last twenty years, causing it to be considered “a conservation emergency’ by the United
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