Advantages And Disadvantages Of Parliamentary Sovereignty

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Contents 1. Introduction 2 2. Parliamentary sovereignty 2 3. The Electoral system 3 4. Parliament in the past 3 5. Parliament in the present 3 6. Functions of parliament 4 7. Advantages of a majority party 5 8. Disadvantages of a majority party 6 9. Conclusion 6 1. Introduction In South Africa we have different political parties that citizens vote for to represent them in Parliament and have their best interest at heart. The struggle against apartheid is over and we now live in a democratic society. Parliamentary sovereignty is done away with and replaced with constitutional supremacy which means the constitution is supreme and the highest law in South Africa. The majority party is the ANC which puts the DA second in line however the question is whether having such a strong majority party could have a negative impact on the parliaments function to represent the citizens of South Africa. 2. Parliamentary sovereignty In the past parliament catered for the minority and excluded the majority which consisted on the basis of race and colour. The representatives in parliament are elected by the people and they have to be responsible to the people and protect them. The representatives in parliament has no greater power than what is given to them and they cannot act against the best interests of the people. Political parties has to earn respect from the public in order to succeed. Today parliamentary sovereignty is done away with and the Supreme law is the Constitution
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