Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pearls

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The gulf known of pearls a long time ago. pearl was a source of wealth in the gulf and all who lived in these days will never forget the true value of pearl because it changed people's lives to the better in the past but with the discovery of oil however the value of pearl declined until it ended completely after that, pearl became just a memory. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines pearl as "a hard, shiny, white ball that is formed inside the shell of an oyster and that is often used as jewelry" ( There are many advantages and disadvantages of pearls but were pearls a curse or a blessing to the people of the gulf?. In my opinion i think pearls was a blessing and curse at the same time for main reasons which i…show more content…
pearls considered of the most beneficial commodity and came with lots of graces. Here are some benefits and curses of pearls. Firstly, pearls has a prominent role in the evolution of trading life in the gulf where in 1912 the pearl trade increased in Kuwait. pearl diving was the supporter of the country trade prior to the discovery of oil. Gulf merchants traded with counterparts from India, Iran and United States etc.., bartering pearls for other commodities like gold, or selling them in the luxury market. Pearl trading was a hard profession, it require skilled merchants. in the old days, the traders gather in coffee houses to do business and check pearls for example, examining pearls, they had special tools to separate, measure and weigh them. Gulf countries sell and export pearls to major countries such as Britain, France, Italy, and other European countries. trade has made a high profit and differences for peoples lives in gulf. secondly, the lifestyle of the gulf changed in three ways like shelter, food and clothing. With the growth of the Pearl, everyone

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