Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pedophilia

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According to the Diagnostics and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, pedophilia is the involvement of sexual activity with a child that is 13 or younger. A person diagnosed with pedophilia is 16 or older. They are also at least five years older than the child. There are two diverse types of individuals diagnosed with pedophilia. These types are Exclusive and Nonexclusive. Exclusive type are adults only sexual attracted to children while the Nonexclusive types are attracted to children and adults. Individuals diagnosed with pedophilia will constantly try to hide their sexual desires. Although it is a disorder, people are now arguing that pedophilia is a sexual orientation rather than a mental disorder. According to a study discovered by…show more content…
Online predators use different methods to try to lure the child to them. An online predator will try to be nice to the child. Even though they just want them for sexual pleasure, they hide their sexual feelings from the child. Online predators want to keep themselves hidden from everything. For instance, if the predator is chatting with the child from Facebook, the predator will not comment on the child’s profile because the child’s family or friends can view the comments. Online predators will try to get to know the child by asking personal information, such as where the child lives and how old they are. Online predators will always agree with the child. If the child tells the predator that their parents are “idiots” for not allowing them to attend a wild party, the predator will agree that the child’s parents are “idiots.” Online predators will constantly compliment the child, calling them attractive or smart. They are trying to build trust from the child. Online predators will try make the child feel a sense of hatred or distrust to the people they are close with. For instance, if a child is constantly hanging out with their best friend, the predator will try to convince the child that their best friend will hurt them or try to hurt their relationship. Online predators will constantly beg for the child to video chat. This is their way of wanting to view the child sexually from a webcam. Even if they are not in physical contact with the child, it is still terrifying for the child to
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