Advantages And Disadvantages Of Periodontology

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MDS Periodontology in Karnataka Periodontology is a three-year post-graduation programme that involves the study and the management of periodontal diseases. Periodontal diseases are the bacterial infections that affect the supporting structures of the teeth which include the gums, cementum, periodontal membranes, and alveolar bone. Students who opt for this post-graduation course learn the methods to diagnose, prevent, and treat the illnesses and improve the functionality, well-being, and appearance of the dental tissues. Mild to severe gum disease, missing teeth, gingivitis, etc, are the common diseases you will encounter as a periodontist. Candidates who wish to pursue a specialization in Periodontology should have:  Good communication skills…show more content…
A periodontist performs a variety of treatments on his patients which include:  Dental implants  Scaling and root planning  Osseous surgery  Gingivectomy/gingivoplasty  Crown lengthening  Connective tissue grafting So, if you choose Periodontology as your field of specialization, it can offer several advantages: • New techniques and diagnostic tools keep evolving in Periodontics and make the field challenging. • Missing teeth can interfere with the patient’s ability to eat, smile, and talk in a normal way. Thus, you can raise their self-esteem through your treatment and make a difference in their lives. • The field is rewarding in terms of job opportunities and earnings. Career opportunities after specialization in Periodontology Choose from a vast array of jobs after completing your post-graduation: I. Senior Lecturer or Professor in Dental colleges If you wish to pursue an academic career, join as a senior lecturer or professor in the government or private dental colleges. II. Clinical Practice You can either start your own private practice or join the dental department in the hospitals, dental clinics, and nursing homes as a dental surgeon, dental hygienist, a ceramist or an oral

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