Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pharmacotherapy

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DISCUSSION From the beginning, the therapist had to deal with own doubts and anxiety. The therapist had heard a lot about the psychodynamic psychotherapy but this was the first time he conduct the sessions by himself. Unlike pharmacotherapy, there is no standard clinical practice guideline or recommendation for the therapist to refer to or follow. The therapist was worried that he was unable to conduct the therapy effectively and his patient would not benefit from the therapy. Fortunately, the therapist received a lot of encouragement and support from his supervisor, which enabled him to complete the therapy sessions with his patient. So what is psychodynamic psychotherapy? The term psychotherapy is derived from the Ancient Greek word psyche-therapeia, which means “healing for the breath/soul/mind”. Simple stated, psychotherapy means treatment for the mind. Psychotherapy has its origins in psychoanalysis, also known as the “talking cure” that was first developed by Sigmund Freud.7 The term psychodynamic refers to the “forces of the mind that are in motion”.8 Freud coined the term psychodynamic when he realised that the mind was an ever-changing system, roiling with constantly moving energised elements. Most of the activities of these mental elements occurred out of the awareness, which Freud described as unconscious. Freud postulated that these unconscious mental activities could affect one’s conscious thoughts, feelings and behaviour.8 Psychodynamic psychotherapy is,

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