Advantages And Disadvantages Of Photocopy

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This paper deals with the universal problem being faced by the document experts as to when, why and how to express a opinion on various aspects of questioned document examination, when their originals are not forthcoming and only photocopier reproductions are submitted for examination and analysis. In this paper, the authors endeavor to present a detailed review and evaluation of the problem and the solutions in the light of views expressed by various authorities on the subject and their own experience. An actual case study has also been presented with a view to emphasize on the forensic document examiners the need to express whatsoever opinion is possible on the photocopies submitted for examination, in case the originals are not forthcoming; so that such opinion evidence of the expert, howsoever insignificant it may appear to be, can be considered and acted upon by the courts of law in corroboration with evidence of other witnesses and overall facts and circumstances of the case.
Photocopies of documents could be admitted as secondary evidence under Section 63 of the ‘Indian Evidence Act 1872’(1) subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions as laid down in Section 65 of the said Act. But, in order to enable a party to produce credible secondary evidence, it is necessary for the concerned party to prove existence; execution; subsequent loss or unavailability as well as contents of the original document, whose photocopy is being introduced as secondary

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