Advantages And Disadvantages Of Photoshop

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Top 12 Free Photoshop alternatives Photoshop has dominated the market since its arrival in 1988.The dominance of product is such that the word “Photoshop” has itself become a verb. It has almost all the features like photo retouching, content aware fill, image editing, smart objects, camera shake correction and a lot more. With almost every feature integrated, it becomes a powerful but complex tool which requires professional hands to work on it. Learning the tool requires high ramp up time and is not at all meant for novice users. Also you need to pay significant price to purchase the software. However, majority of users just need basic image editing stuff and are not concerned with too many features. So, for those of you who want to do image editing free of cost and with a user friendly interface, we bring you a list of free alternatives to Photoshop. GIMP: Your Image Manipulator GIMP stands for GNU image manipulation program. It is an open source graphics editor. It supports features such as photo retouching, image authoring, mass production image rendering, online batch processing system, image converter, image authoring etc. It allows you to tailor the view and behavior according to your needs. You can customize widget theme by changing colors, spacing and icon sizes. GIMP offers you a full screen mode which allow…show more content…
Most of the options available in this tool are in synch with Photoshop which makes it even easier to use. It offers 34 different effects which can be applied on image to achieve greater or reduced intensity. You can save your image on FotoFlexer and can share it on social networking sites such as Facebook. It gives you features like animation (which brings your images to life), smart scissors (cuts a person out of background with few clicks), smart resizing (crops and resize a photo), smart recolor (easily changes color) etc. to deal with

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