Advantages And Disadvantages Of Planning

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4.2 Standing plan Standing plan is a plan that provides direction for subsequent activity. This plan is used to manage situations that happen every time in an organisation such as even the Smart Reader Kids centre is well known and programme offers are quality some parent might concern about the security that is provided and parking. Three types of plans that are apply in policy is the general guidelines such as, to manage a situation during operating hours of the preschool, whereby every parents should drop their children in school and leave. No excuse is acceptable to stay with their child during school hours unless special event held (child birthday celebration or parents and teacher meeting). Procedure is a process that parents need to comply according to centers policy. Parents should inform to school authorities who will fetch their child by providing their name and vehicle number for security purpose. Finally, the regulation set by the centre to make sure rules are followed and no argument occurred if there is an incident or miscommunication. 5.0 Advantage and disadvantage of planning  5.1 Advantage of planning It is important that management from three levels go through the quality of the planning enhanced. Such as: • Planning gives support to the…show more content…
The three main types of planning which can help manager accomplish their organisation goals are: strategic, tactical, and operational. Directors, supervisor, and team leaders create operational planning to support strategic planning. Operational planning can be a single‐use plan or a continuous planning. A strategic planning is concerned with what the lower level units inside every division must do, how they should do it, and who is in charge at each level. Strategies are the methods expected to come with a technique and make it
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