Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plastic Shredder

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DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF PLASTIC SHREDDER Abstract- A If you have plastic in various shapes and sizes and you need to turn these scrap materials or components into a commodity that can be recaptured for use in your manufacturing processes, and then our plastic shredder machines are what you need. It doesn't matter if it's small PET bottles, PVC, vinyl, plastic containers, long strips, purging?s or a host of other sizes and configurations, getting it down to a manageable or reusable size is one of the first steps in the reclamation and recycling process. The equipment needed for this initial size reduction varies depending upon the plastic being reclaimed. No matter what your needs are for plastic shredding, a Jordan Reduction Solutions?Plastic…show more content…
Disadvantage of shredder Increased risk of injury: shredder operation may experience traumatic and overuse injuries. In industry that have adverse weather condition frequently ,shredder is not an option as a reliable form a operation II.MECHANISM The power transmission between the pulleys and the motor is achieved by belt drive mechanism. The belt transmits torque from the driving pulley of the motor to the driven pulley by means of the forces of friction that arises between the taut belt and the pulleys. Flat belt drives are simple and convenient. They permit the use of an ordinary pulley with smooth surfaces, and they can be operated at the speeds of 40 to 50 m/s. The advantages of belt drives are their simplicity of design, relative low cost, capacity to transmit power over significant distances (up to 15 m and more), and smooth in operation. The elastic properties of the belt and its ability to slip on the pulleys help prevent over load. A crossed belt drive is not usually recommended for v-belts. In the crossed position, the center-to-center distance between the pulleys must be long enough to limit the internal stress in a belt. Crossed belt drives make the pulleys rotate in opposite direction to each…show more content…
Among the connections one is open belt drive and the other is a crossed belt drive. The cross belt drive provides opposite rotary motion with respect to the driven pulley. The driving pulley is connected to separate shafts containing an arrangement of gears which rotates and meshes in equal and opposite direction. The pulley attached in the drive motor is a double groove pulley. A double grooved pulley can be able to rotate two pulleys by means of separate belts engaged in the grooves. The gears can be replaced by blades for the fine shredding of the scrapes. Plastic comes in various shapes and sizes. Our plastic shredders turn these scrap materials into a commodity that can be reused to manufacture new products. Materials such as PET bottles, PVC, vinyl, plastic containers, long strips, and other various sizes and configurations can be shredded to a reusable size. Our shredders reduce plastic waste to the desirable size in one pass. The shredder plastic?equipment needed for this size reduction will vary depending on the plastic being reclaimed, and shredder has the experience and machinery to meet those needs. Although our machines are sized and configured to fit the applications of specific customers our shredders can be divided into two general types ? vertical and horizontal. Vertical shredders can be fed via tippers or inclined conveyors.

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