Advantages And Disadvantages Of Platform Dependent

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There are two types of platform dependent and independent. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, I’m going to give you some examples of what each of them are and go on to name some advantages and disadvantages of both too.

Dependent is when a video game is developed for one platform, this makes it platform dependent. It essentially means that during the creation of the game it was specifically targeted to a specific platform. When a game is platform dependent it aims to have a clear focus on what console the game will be made for. Platform dependent are also famously known as exclusive games. A great example of this would be the Mario franchise as a whole. Mario has served as Nintendo’s mascot for years now and it an intellectual property of Nintendo’s and any of the Mario games cannot legally be played on any platform other than Nintendo’s own (DS, Wii and so on). This therefore makes Mario a dependent games franchise.
There are many advantages of creating a game which is platform dependent. One of the main advantages is that it gives the initiation game development a clear purpose and goal. There is only going to be one type of audience that you are going to have to cater to and please as much as you can, as there is only one demographics, unlike games which aim for cross platform, which need to try and aim to please as many types audiences as possible at all times. So if you take Nintendo for example with Mario, they aim for a family friendly and
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