Advantages And Disadvantages Of Play Therapy

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I am researching play therapy to find out how this approach can possibly benefit children in a therapeutic setting, and with this knowledge my readers and I will better understand this technique and how the counselor can better help the client during counseling sessions. An examination of how a therapist uses play during therapy as a technique to helping solve many issues is central to the concepts of play therapy. A child is guarded so the therapist is responsible for finding clever ways of getting children to express themselves. The clinical office setting can be quite intimidating for a child, and there are already many communication barriers with young children. In a safe, child friendly setting it is easier to overcome these barriers with some sort of play, if they’re allowed to play. By adding toys in a fun and engaging environment, the child will likely be more willing and able to reveal and role play their feelings with the counselor in order to understand and work on their problems instead of shutting down, which is usually the case. It is critical to gain the child’s trust and build a safe relationship between the therapist and child in order gain information from the child by using toys, which are sometimes the only words they know how use and are the best tools to use by therapists during a child’s therapy session. II. Research Questions: Why is play therapy better than regular therapy? What is play therapy and how do children benefit from play therapy? How

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