Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Soccer

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It takes much time to decide on a big or small decision. However big a decision is or small, people have to think about it and thinking, takes time. The decision of either I am able to play soccer in high school is not a humongous decision, but it is not a small one either. I am in the favor of playing soccer in high school. However, there are some disadvantages in playing soccer. In this essay, I will state some of the advantages and disadvantages and how I will be able to overcome the disadvantages. There are many advantages in playing soccer. The first advantage is that it makes you exercise and keep a healthy body. In soccer players run more than touch the ball. Soccer is considered a running sport and to a boy in his growing age, running can be crucial. Running daily and exercising would help the boy grow more. Also school can bring a lot of stress to students. When I play soccer I only think about soccer and the load of stress in me would disappear. Then when I come home, my mind would be fresh from exercising and would study with new vigor having my mind cleared. Furthermore, while sitting around in school, a lot of energy is stored in my body that I feel that I have to exercise. I can’t concentrate and playing soccer would get rid of that so that I could concentrate on my studies. Soccer is a game of teamwork. Playing soccer has made me new friends and to get know of people from other grades. This helps me in cooperation and because soccer is a game of teamwork,

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