Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plyometrics

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Explosiveness is very essential in every athlete’s activity. Given that it is the key to a more effective strength, at some point it is also related to so called Plyometrics. Plyometrics was also known as the training for jumping. It was designed to develop the leaping ability or the vertical jump of an athlete. It was first introduced in Olympics and it became more prominent to all athletes most especially to those who use jumping as their main source of power.
There are such things that can help to improve high jumps and good balance of hopping. And this would help using plyometric trainings and drills. While doing this training some part of leg muscles are getting firm and stronger. Those are quadriceps hamstrings and calf. This will increases vertical jumps and avoid the force impact on joints.
The American College of Sports Medicine designed and supervise plyometric routine that can help children and adolescents. There is a plyometric training that is usually trained into professional
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It is important to consult the people who have the right knowledge like a sports medicine doctor or therapist who can evaluate your fitness and also selecting a qualified trainer or coach who can introduce or help you with more complex exercises when considering plyometrics. Trainers and coaches have come up with and developed thousands of different plyometric exercises. As muscle strength improves and increases, more repetitions can be added and the routine can be stretched to include more medicine ball throws, single leg hops and jumps but it is always important to start slow. A simple routine for children and adolescents can start with one to three sets of six to 10 repetitions of one upper-body exercise such as a medicine ball chest pass and one lower body exercise such as a double-leg hop on two non-consecutive days per
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