Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polymer Composites

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CHARACTERIZATION OF PALM FIBERS FOR REINFORCEMENT IN POLYMER MATRIX ABSTRACT Natural fibers like palm fibers provides new hope for researchers to compete with hazardous synthetic fibers with its excellent chemical and physical properties for reinforcement in polymer composites. This work investigates the extraction of various fibers that are available from various portions of the palm tree and to characterize its chemical and physical properties. The results obtained through experimentation on various fibers extracted from the palm tree were compared with few natural fibers and the values were presented. Keywords: Natural fiber, palm, coir, chemical properties, physical properties. ? 1. INTRODUCTION Natural fibers were obtained by nature from plants (stems, leaves, roots, fruits and seeds, etc).Efforts has been taken to use natural fibers as reinforcements in polymer composites from very olden days. [1-4].These fibers offer the potential to act as reinforcement for low to medium strength applications such as automotive, sporting goods, marine, electrical, industrial, etc. Over the past few decades, natural fibers received much attention from the research community. Natural fibers are replacing glass fibers for fabricating composite materials [5-7]. Investigations on the mechanical properties of composite materials reinforced with several natural fibers were studied. These studies include palm, kenaf, jute, hemp, flax, bamboo, etc [8-14]. Palm fiber is a natural
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