Advantages And Disadvantages Of Polyploidy

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Introduction The Mint polyploidy plant in this investigation has diploid sets of chromosomes which enables it to have advantageous characteristics in the environment: therefore it can adapt to unfavourable conditions better than a non-polyploidy plant. Literature Research Source A What is polyploidy? The generalised definition of polyploidy refers to an organism containing more than two paired homologous sets of chromosomes. It refers to the change in a whole set of the chromosome number that occurs due to a mutation. Polyploidy in plants means that a plant has more than the diploid chromosome number in a normal plant, this can include triple the haploid chromosome number Source B The pros and cons around polyploidy The advantages of a polyploidy plant is heterosis, meaning that Ideal environmental conditions for polyploidy plants Significance of polyploidy plants to the environment Source C Extracted from Luca Comai Abstract THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF BEING POLYPLOID |Polyploids — organisms that have multiple sets of chromosomes — are common in certain plants, and can be surprisingly stable. The evidence that has emerged from genome analyses also indicates that both humans and most other eukaryotes have either benefited from or endured polyploidy. Studies of polyploids soon after their formation have revealed genetic and epigenetic interactions between redundant

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