Advantages And Disadvantages Of Print Media

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In today’s electronic world, we see how technology has greatly influenced our life. Back in the early centuries, the world used printed medium such as books,newspaper and posters etc for information. Later, with the technological advancements , computers and radios etc provided information. Now in the 21st century, the internet has led to online information for us to acquire answers for questions. We have many sources to get information from, one of those mediums are books.
Books are known as print media which are still the most important way to get education. Centuries before, when ideas came to mind, human beings used to write it down on leafs,rocks and bones of animals etc to preserve their ideas for the coming generation. Man wanted to share his experiences and after a long period of struggle, paper was prepared and printing press came into
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The internet can be like a book as well, as we have to skim through the book for information just like we have to do so on the internet. Using the internet is also relatively easier as it is less time consuming. It also makes a person more curious with providing the person with documentaries, pictures and videos on the given subject. Another advantage of online information is that it can be edited and more things can be added to it, however you cannot edit the same book, you would have to publish another updated version which would require money and it would be costly. Online information is free for everyone and anyone in any corner of the world can gain access to it. Moreover, one can say that a lot of paper is wasted with the creation of books. The internet is a huge database and more and more information is adjoined into it. To reduce deforestation, information should be online thus the internet can be a better source of information in this
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