Advantages And Disadvantages Of Printed Books

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The first electronic book was released in 1971 (Lebert 3). Ever since then there has been a debate on which type of books are better, ebooks or printed ones. Since the first ebook came out there has been different changes and versions, each one slightly better than the last. The same is true for printed books, they have changed since they were first created in ancient times. Although there are many arguments saying that ebooks are better, evidence points towards printed books being better than ebooks because printed books are more preferred, easier to share, and easier to read.
First off, one reason why printed books are better than ebooks is that printed books are more preferred. To start, printed books are more preferred by college students.
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One way that shows printed books are easier to to read is that the are easier to recall. People while reading books not only absorb the words, but also subconsciously remember where in the book certain events happen. A biologist stated that they could remember the physical location of some passages of a book the read decades ago (Hom). Printed books are easier to read because when people are making writings about books being easier to recall is more beneficial to the person’s reading experience, because they will not have to worry about stopping at each page and trying to find a way to bookmark it on their ebook. Another way that printed books are easier to read is that printed books are better for a person to read while staying healthy. A study by Harvard Medical School found that when they had people read ebooks before they went to sleep the people would wake up the next day feeling significantly more tired than the people who instead read a printed book before they slept (Sanchez). This is relevant because when people feel less rested they often do not put 100% effort into things, thus making everyday tasks 10 times harder that normal, which could cause car accidents along with many other accidents. A final way that printed books are easier to read is they are easier on a person’s eyesight.Reading things on screens can cause eyestrain, headaches, and blurred vision (Jabr).…show more content…
There is evidence that shows that ebooks are quick to obtain. Ebooks are quicker to obtain than printed books. When people buy printed books they often must wait days for it to arrive, however, after buying ebooks they come immediately (Angier). This is meaningful because when people buy books they prefer to have them immediately rather than waiting days wait. People also say ebooks are better because using them helps gain quicker access to information. An article states,“You can do global searches and find information quickly. When you 're looking for certain information within a book, you can easily find it using the find feature. It saves you time and aggravation looking for something in particular” (Angier). This is important because people like being able to find information fast, instead of going through hours of research and finding nothing. However there is evidence that people can easily gain access to information and quick access to books. People can gain quick access to books using libraries. According to the American Library Association there were around 119,487 public libraries in the U.S.A. in 2015 (“Number of libraries in the United States”). There are plenty of libraries to explore and find books at making it so that people do not need ebooks to get

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