Advantages And Disadvantages Of Private Schools

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The negative experiences of government schools have instigated parents to shift children from government to private schools. The unfortunate experiences the parents have regarding poor facilities, locations and learning outcomes which reduces parents’ enthusiasm for government schools. Sir Michael Barber (2010)
The strengths and weaknesses of the rural model adopted by the private institutes in the rural areas is the locally available, moderately educated female teachers who have little or no prospects outside their villages. They are hired at low salaries to minimize the fee structures, while at the same time, promising better learning outcomes as compared to the government schools. On the other hand, these characteristics required in the teachers may also act as constraint towards achieving higher education outcomes. In an absence of the specifically required pool of teachers, the low cost private schools might not be established in the villages. Andrabi, (2006),
In Pakistan, English is the language of higher education, military and government. Power is associated with English language and it is the language of elite class. Coleman, (2012)
Reading of a text in second language (English language) is more complex than reading in 1st language. There are a lot of variations in L2 reading such as variations in age, training, schooling motivation, socio-economic level, and at individual level. Carrell & Grabe, (2010)
Private schools no longer remain an urban or elite
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