Advantages And Disadvantages Of Psychiatrists

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Have you ever had a frightening nightmare, then it constantly stays on your mind and haunts you? A psychiatrist would be the person to visit for help with problems like that. Psychiatrists are medical specialists who are devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders (Psychiatrist). Being a psychiatrist has many pros and cons attached to the job. There are many difficult challenges that have to be endured on the way of becoming a marvelous psychiatrist. The life of a psychiatrist is not easy, many factors like college and balancing their work life along with their own personal life, is a lot to undergo.
A large amount of people are clueless on the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. They both are roughly the same occupation because their goal is making people feel better, but there are major differences too. A psychiatrist can prescribe medicine to patients, and they spend a lot of their time talking about medicational help and course treatment (Psychology vs.). On the other hand, psychologists deal more with psychotherapy and talking about mental suffering and emotions. Psychologists cannot prescribe medications, but they are qualified to do psychological tests on their
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As a psychiatrist you will spend around thirty to forty hours a week with patients. You will also have to make separate time for patient meetings and going over patients notes. The level of stress as a psychiatrist undergoes can be overwhelming at times. Listening to patients for 6-8 hours a day about life problems can sometimes be a lot to handle. Especially when you have your own life to deal with as well. When under extreme pressure psychiatrists themselves can become victims of depression and anxiety. As a psychiatrist you can also be exposed to a lot of psychical danger from unstable patients. According to, “there is a rate of 68.2 nonfatal violent crimes per 1,000

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