Advantages And Disadvantages Of Public Health Care

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PUBLIC vs PRIVATE HEALTH CARE SHOBHNA HADM 310 ASHLEY TRIPPLE 9TH NOVEMBER 2015 PUBLIC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM: Public health care system is one, where all the health care services are governed and controlled by the respective government of the country. In this type of system, public healthcare is majorly funded by the government of the country. In Canada 70% of the healthcare is funded publicly and 30% privately. Earlier…show more content…
Disadvantages of Public Health Care: • Long waits and delays is the major drawback of the public health care. Many patients are delayed the health care services due to long waits. • Low quality service. • Health care decisions are based on political decisions due to which sometime voting decisions are given more importance than beneficial decisions. • In public health care system people living in different provinces are treated differently. • According to facts Alberta and Saskatchewan have more availability of resources because of which they are able to invest more money on their people. ( Canadian healthcare: What works and what doesn’t Brian Lindenberg April 16 2012). Private HealthCare System: Private health care system is one, where all the health care services are taken care by the private hospitals, Insurance companies, private clinics, charities etc. Private healthcare is basically of two types: 1. Not for profit 2. For profit Not for…show more content…
However, it reduces the long waits for the health services. • No political health decisions were made, public can decide their own doctor and treatment plan. Disadvantages • In this system the cost of the health care services increases, there by depriving the low income group to get the benefits of the health care services. • In a research it was found that in private healthcare where people had to pay for the services they were less interested to visit doctors. (Raisa B. Deber et al., “The Public-Private Mix in Health Care,” in Striking a Balance: Health Care Systems in Canada and Elsewhere, Papers commissioned by the National Forum on Health, Vol. 4, Éditions MultiMondes, Sainte-Foy (Quebec), 1998, p. 433. ) Which is better? From my point of view public health care system is better than private health care system because more facilities are provided and health services are less costly. It is more convenient for low income families to avail health services. In private health care system extra payment for health services may be charged from patient

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