Advantages And Disadvantages Of Qualitative Research Methodology

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3.1 Introduction
The major aim of this chapter is to highlight the research methodology that will be used in the study which is basically a qualitative approach. Rose (2005) stated that, methodology can be undertaken as a compass which gives directions to the whole research in other words it can be said to be a set of systematic methods that a researcher uses to apply within a particular discipline.
Research methodology is a process of collecting and gathering information as Miller (1979) states in reference to research methodology, as the planned sequence of the process involved in conducting research as the research methodology.
3.2 Research Design
This section will highlight the research design, population and sampling technique and data collecting instruments that shall be used in this study. Qualitative research design is used as it will enable the researcher to gather information in a natural setting. The qualitative research is scientific in nature and seeks to understand a given research problem or topic from the perspectives of the local population it involves. As a result this research will employ the qualitative research approach. The research also uses qualitative research design because of its multi-dimensional and plurastic respect to paradigms. Moreover, it allows different researchers to conduct a similar research and yet produce different results as it incorporates people’s emotions, prejudice and perceptions. Major disadvantages of qualitative research stem
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