Advantages And Disadvantages Of Radio Advertising

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Radio Advertising: Advantages and disadvantages of Radio Advertising: Advantages:  From radio we can choose whom to reach (like teenagers, families, men, etc) and choose a format (news, talk, rock, etc) according to it. The vast options of radio program formats offers us to target customers very efficiently.  An advertisement on radio is less expensive than an advertisement on TV and much easier to produce.  Radio Advertisement can be produced very quickly.  We can select the station and time when our advertisement will run. Hence, we can make the target market hear it. For example, an automobile industry can run the advertisement during the morning and evening hours during which most people are in the vehicles.  Radio advertisement generally uses sounds,…show more content…
So, those companies which wants to target young audiences can effectively use this medium.  The advertisement in cinema are retained in the minds of customers for a longer period of time because of stereo sound, good experience, etc.  Cinema advertisers can take more narrative approach.  Audiences cant opt out of viewing the advertisements. Disadvantages:  The cost of advertisement at theatre are high.  Sometimes, audiences can arrive late at theatres to avoid advertisement. Reasons for Cinema advertising:  Most people come to theatre earlier and they don’t have any other things to do. Then, they watch all the advertisement.  The people in cinemas are often relaxed. So, they can understand the meaning of the advertisement.  Big screen and stereo sound increases the retention of the audiences.  Advertisements in cinemas are more clearer and beautiful. Industries which can choose Cinema Advertisement: Entertainment Industry, Launch of new product, Jewellery Industry, etc. Transit Advertising: Advantages and Disadvantages of Transit advertising: Advantages:  It is very much helpful in building brand awareness.  It reaches a very wide
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