Advantages And Disadvantages Of Railroad Crossing

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Many things can happen at a railroad crossing: you can underestimate the train and think it is going slower than it really is, you can also get caught in the railroad tracks and get hit and seriously injured or killed. You might be in a hurry and decide to go around the railroad crossing which is against the law and can be fatal. Being distracted while crossing railroad tracks can lead to serious injury or death when you could have lived if you had taken a few seconds to put your phone away or turn the radio down when crossing the railroad tracks.
There have been lights set up to help you stay safe at railroad crossings, and they have red flashing lights and gates to tell you when a train is coming. When the gates are coming down do not race to get thru the gate because you want to
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Also when doing this you should always have all distractions put away and turn your music down.
If you are waiting for the train, make sure you are behind the yellow line. When you have a bicycle you should never ride your bike on the waiting area. When you are waiting for the train and you are on the yellow line you can run the risk of being hit by things that are hanging off of the train, as the train has about 3 feet of extra space of width. If you see a train coming, you should always get out of the way.
In the video “It's your Choice,” the movie states, “When you are caught in the middle of the railroad gates, you are more likely to be killed and have a 40% chance you will be killed by a train. Because train cars are so heavy, they takes a mile to stop even with the emergency break going.” It is always your choice when you cross the railroad tracks.
You should never walk on railroad tracks because you may not always be able to hear a train coming until it is too late to move. When you walk on the tracks it is trespassing and if caught you will get a hefty fine for it. Never make the railroad a short cut it is also against the law and could kill

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