Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rainbows

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Task 1: Introduction Nowadays, the number of desktop users are smaller than number of mobile users. Mobile app that help users by connecting internet is more common form of a desktop or laptop access. Although the app revolution only began a few years ago, the population of customers using app is growing rapidly and that is no signs of slowing down. Therefore, some of the business or organization have realized that they need to use mobile app to attract consumers for purchasing goods and services. There are some importance of having mobile app for the organization and customers. The one of the benefit of business create a mobile app for their customer is have a better connect with customers. Customer service is not only face to face communication between promoter and customer but also communication technology. Business can use online customer service to solve the problem of the customer who are facing. Business can get some feedback from customers through the mobile app. Hence, it can help business to improve sales more quickly. Businesses also can provide their customer with the best experience and let their customer to decide whether they want to buy your products or services. Business have to provide some information and knowledge of the product. In addition, mobile app…show more content…
It has debit installment for every user if they purchase more than the specified price. Debit installment is specially design to student because some of the student are incapable of a full payment. Users could be researching products and services at home in midnight. This is because Rainbows being available 24/7 hour. This app allow users buy thing anytime and anywhere. If users receive damaged product, they can ask for refund. There are few payment methods to users for choosing which method they want to pay. Users can choose to full payment or installment by credit card or debit

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